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Posture Support
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Motion Isolation
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Cool Airflow
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Super Elasticity

Support Like No Other

Relieves Pressure Points

Adaptive to any body type or size, giving support and comfort to every inch of the body. The SmartGRID also aids in relieving stress at pressure points resulting to no body ache.

SmartGRID vs Memory Foam

Cool Sleep

The grid promotes air circulation

Relieves Pain Points

Intelligently designed SmartGRID is soft at hips and shoulders while being firm at back.

No Sagging

With ultra-elastic material, the smartGrid promises not to sag.

Hot Sleep

Memory foam retains the body heat & hence it starts to get very hot over time.

Collapes Over Time

The memory foam completely collapses under body weight and pressure and has similar feel across body parts.

Breaks Down

Memory foam, unlike most other foams, even if stretched a little bit, will break. Test it yourself!

Our Mattresses

SMART Luxe – 6/8/10 inches

The most luxurious and plush feeling you will ever get when you crawl into a bed.

SMART Ortho – 5/6 inches

The flawless amalgamation of Smart Ortho technology, along with great comfort to aid back support.

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