For The Love Of Sleep

Meet Dr. Teddy: Dr Teddy loves to sleep. Dr Teddy used to get lousy sleep. So Dr Teddy decided to go out and find India’s most comfortable mattress.


• He tried all kinds of mattresses from all parts of the country – the expensive ones, the fancy ones, the memory foam ones. He still wasn’t convinced. Finally, during his search, he met DrTripathi (actual Scientist with 40+ years of research experience) and his team at The Sleep Company. He learnt of their Smart Grid, incorporating cutting-edge Japanese and German technologies, and was blown away. As promised by the scientist and his team, the Smart Grid bed really did distribute weight and give pain relief to different body parts. Finally, Dr Teddy decided to take the #SaveTheEggsSaveTheBackChallenge #SaveTheEggsSaveTheBackChallenge -true to word, the Sleep Company beds kept the tiny delicate eggs intact under his body weight – and he’d packed in a pretty special dinner that evening while taking home the best mattress for neck and back pain.


Now Dr.Teddy is part of The Sleep Company family and is on a mission to ensure he can help more and more of us get more comfortable and healthier

– because We Love Sleep.

Meet the founders

Our founders, Priyanka and Harshil, were class-mates in IIM Calcutta. Post B-school, Priyanka spent several years in one of the world’s premier consumer brands company while Harshil worked in an investment bank. After they had a kid, Priyanka struggled to get good sleep and it wasn’t just because of the little one waking her up at odd hours : ) She began to look everywhere for the right mattress that would help her sleep better but to little avail.


She left her job and got obsessed with the pursuit of changing the mattress Industry which had seen little innovation since 1960 when the memory foam was invented. She traveled extensively, to Japan, Europe, US; met hundreds of technicians and sleep experts until she finally met Dr. Tripathi. Dr Tripathi, with his 40 years of experience into material science, and Priyanka spent years on research and ran thousands of trials – until they finally came up with the patent-pending Super Stretchy SMART GRID.


Thus, was born The Sleep Company – The best-selling mattress in India, created with a mission to upgrade the sleep quality for every individual. Our mattresses are the outcome of years of research and each layer has been crafted with Sleep Science at its foundation, so as to ensure your sleep is Happy & Healthy.

Introducing Smart Mattress

Our Team


Dr Tripathi

Actual Rocket Scientist with more than 40 years’ experience in material science and sleep technologies

Priyanka Salot

Chief Sleeping Mommy who loves to sleep and helping people sleep better

Harshil Salot

Chief Operating Office

Abhishek Singh

Chief Engineer who ensures world class quality into each and every layer of The Sleep Company Mattress