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How to Fall asleep faster – tips for better sleep


Do you have trouble falling asleep? Are you tossing / turning a lot before sleeping. Worry not! The tips below can help you sleep faster and better

  • Tips to fall asleep faster!
  1. Listen to some nice soothing music
  2. Do meditation and some breathing exercises
  3. Read something that you like – fiction/non fiction
  4. Use some soothing aroma fragrances
  5. Try go to bed early
  6. Have a mattress that can provide comfort & support


  • Reasons for not being able to sleep!
  1. Stress
  2. Going to bed very late or irregular routine
  3. Bad eating habits
  4. Not a great support and comfort from the mattress


  • Listen to some nice soothing music

Music can have both a happy and soothing effect on most of us. It is recommended to listen to slow and soft music and not to use headphone while listening to music before sleeping.


  • Do meditation and some breathing exercises

Meditation and breathing exercises have been known for years to help calm us down. One of the reasons for not being able to sleep is the stress and anxiety level. These breathing exercises can help lower the stress level and calm the brain which can help induce faster sleep.


  • Read books

Reading is a great way not only to gain more knowledge but also a great way to un-wind and relax. Think how our parents read to us when we were kids before sleeping.


  • Use some soothing aroma fragrances

Scents like lavender can be applied to your skin or dispersed through the air via infusion machines. Be sure to buy your essential oils and scents from a reputable company who uses quality ingredients. Properly used, essential oils can help mitigate anxiety, stress, depression, and lead to a more restful night of sleep.


  • Mattress that can provide comfort & support

A good mattress should be able to provide both by taking the natural shape of our body. This means providing comfort to high pressure areas like hips, shoulders and support to back. Check out the Smart Grid mattress fromThe Sleep Company – first of its kind in Asia to help upgrade the quality of sleep for each one of us. The Smart grid intelligently adapts to every human body type for mind-blowing comfort & pain relief

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