How to Measure the right bed size?

Indian Standard Bed Sizes

  • Single: 72”x 36”
  • Queen: 72”x 60” ; 75”x 60” ; 78” x 60”
  • King: 72”x 72” ; 75”x 72” ; 78” x 72”


A comfortable and supportive mattress will do wonders for your sleep, but many problems that sleepers face are actually caused by the size of their bed. These problems can include tossing and turning, back pain, and waking up throughout the night.

  • What’s a right bed size?

There are a number of things to consider while buying a bed

  • Your House

Things which are important are – what is the size of your house, what is the size of your room? You don’t want to end up buying a much bigger / smaller bed for your room.

  • Your Body and sleeping style

It is very important to see your height and ensure that the bed height is atleast half a foot to 1 foot longer than your height. This is critical to ensure your body is not falling off the mattress.

Sleeping style is critical – as you need to know do you toss or turn a lot at night (so a bigger bed would enable that extra space as you and your partner sleeping).

  • Your Budget

When you are buying for a bed or mattress, price will be obviously a big factor. It is also determined by the fact is it a temporary accommodation or more like a permanent accommodation.

See our size guide on how to measure the mattress size after you have bought yourself a great bed.

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