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The Sleep Company brings you the most disruptive innovation in sleep technology proven to relieve pain points and provide comfort.
The Sleep Company Mattress is made from a patent pending super stretchy Smart Grid which can help prevent back, hip, and shoulder discomfort. This material is organized in a grid formation, which creates walls that can support or fold, depending on how much pressure it receives. This flexibility allows the mattress to aid in better sleep for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Enjoy our 100 Night Trial OR Money Back – If you don’t love the mattress within 100 nights, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Average Rating: 4.9 stars (based on 70 ratings)
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way better than my foam mattress

my new sleep company mattress feels amazing – its like second skin to my body. we never feel as if there is anythign under us – there is no tossing or turning at night.

mornings are great and so are nights.

nrithika nataranjan

best for back

best mattress for back pain. i had been having issues for last few months. i shifted to smart grid mattress and have been using this for over a month now.

i dont wake up at night anymore with pains and i am so fresh in the morning. thanks the sleep company.

Maya goyal

amazing mattress

best mattress that we have used. love it and would recommend it to everyone.


Love it!

Fell in love the first time I saw the Sleep Company mattress. The service was top notch and spot on. Highly recommend this Smart grid bed. Best in India!

Samidha Gupta

Most comfortable and Luxurious mattress

This bed is the best – better than foam or spring. And it looks so premium from the amazing blue packaging to the white cotton cover to the blue grid layer – we love everything about it. Just different.

Puja Chabbra

Wonderful Mattress

The Sleep Company Mattress provides the perfect combination of support and comfort. Customer service during my purchase and delivery was excellent.

Ravi Kumar

No More memory foam for us now

My husband bought the sleep company mattress because of his back/neck issues – I was hesitant to switch from my memory foam mattress. Well now after sleeping on it, I’ll never go back. In fact, most other mattresses we sleep in (hotels, parents/friends houses etc.) pale in comparison to the comfort and coolness of our sleep company mattress. We always cannot wait to get back to our bed at night. It is unlike any other memory foam mattresses. It stay cool in the summer.

Anju Kashyap

soft on certain parts and hard on certain

The smart grid mattress is perfect mix of hard and soft. as the company says i do feel like the grid has taken shape of my body and i dont feel any pain

avani kropa

Great mattress

Smart grid is truely unique and amazing

Abhishek Singh

way better than my old spring mattress

We shifted from a spring mattress to the smart grid mattress. and we loving it

  • it feels very soft and comfortable
  • feels amazing on back as if there is nothing under us
  • love the white and grey cover


harsha gandhi

great buy – worth the money

great mattress.. best mattress ,.. we love it .. and would recommend to everyone.

Bowli shah

best for back pain

I had been having back pain for last few months and my doctor suggested that we should loot at changing mattress. I was looking for ortho mattress and saw many options in memory foam however was not fully convinced.

Then we bought this Smart grid mattress – and my back pain has reduced drastically. the grid actually feels magical – you can feel soft on certain areas and hard on back. this is like 100 times better than my old mattress.

i am now also thinking of changing the mattress in my parents room. will recommend to anyone suffering from back pain or who wants good sleep

Priya rawal

Feels like sleeping on a cloud

if i could give more than 5 stars I would. Both the mattress and the service is great. Mattress – we just love it. It is so different from my earlier memory foam mattress – in this we would sleep through the night without tossing and turning. My earlier mattress would feel uncomfortable after lying down for few hours and i would keep on turning sides.

My wife had little shoulder pain which is feeling much better. We are so glad with this mattress – just perfect.

srinivas raju

Best sleep ever..

this is by far the most comfortable and luxurious mattress in India. i had been looking to buy a mattress for a month and read about every mattress online. then i came across smart grid mattress from Sleep Company. I read every single page on their website and was convinced this is what i want -truely an innovation we needed.

i cant thank the company enough for this technology and launch in india. both i and my husband have got the best sleep of our life on our new mattress. love

Ragini hariharan

Sleeping on a cloud

I bought the mattress a month back –  i cant be happier about the choice. it is true to its word .. i sleep so much better every night – most comfortable. i dont feel like there is anything under me – its like sleeping on a cloud.

their service also has been amazing  from the start till date. thank you

srinivas raju

Love it – Most Comfortable Mattress

My friend mentioned this new Smart grid Material – first I could not understand much. But when I read about the company, I was really blown away. I have never seen something like this. I immediately thought of trying the mattress and ordered it. It came rolled in a cool blue bag – unbelievable right! And the moment I opened it and started using it, I could see the difference. It is not like my earlier mattress which started sinking over time. Thanks The Sleep Company.

Puja Mathur

Feels Magical ..

We have been using the Sleep company mattress for a month now. We have never had such good sleep in years. This mattress just feels magical .. highly recommend

Nirmal goyal

Back Pain went away in just 2 months

I had memory foam mattress for more than 6 years. I could not be happier that I shifted to the Sleep company – my back pain went away in just 2 months

Vamsi Shetty

Best Mattress that I have tried!

Very comfortable mattress and the best sleep I’ve had in years. Their grid material feels very different and comfortable – you can feel it to be cool and comfy.

Tanya Bansal

Love it

I love my sleep comapny mattress! I’m definitely sleeping better and much more comfortably. It arrived as scheduled – I would highly recommend sleep company smart grid mattress  if you’re looking to improve your sleep. It was a great investment!

Pinky Bhatia

Simply awesome mattress especially for back issues

First I bought sleephead mattress online but I had to return after a month as I still was having back pains though felt nice for first few days. Then I bought my sleep company mattress and I just love the way it supports and takes the shape of my body. I wake up with no back pain and don’t also don’t wake up during the night with tingling pain in legs or arms.

Himanshu Jindal

Super satisfied

After several years of waking up with lower back pain, and knowing full well that the mattress had to be replaced, we finally settled on sleep company. There are lots of competitors in this same space – we tried the grid mattress at our friend’s house and liked it on the first night. I wish they had launched this grid mattress earlier. Happy and thanks

Bina Arora

I like it!

I bought the 6inch mattress, and after sleeping on a memory foam for years, it was so much more comfortable. I couldn’t be happier

Vishal Singh

Mattres is amazing 😊

I sleep on my back and always had the problem and kept tossing and turning on my old memory foam mattress. This mattress is the best and since the time I am sleeping on it I have no pains.

Karthik Maheshwari


We had a spring mattress that was starting to make noise and feel too bouncy and started hurting our bodies. The first week with our sleep company mattress was an adjustment because our bodies were not used to being supported properly, now we sleep amazing and our bodies are not aching anymore.

Karuna Jindal

Luxury at its best

What to say – we love it. The look of the premium white zipper cover with grey sides just look stunning.  It is perfect – not too hard or soft. We love it and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a good mattress (not the cheap types)

Aditi Kapoor

Best Quality Mattress in India

I wanted to buy a mattress which is the best quality and my answer was sleep company mattress. They are the most different and comfortable mattress – I cant even think of going back to any other brands now.

Kainaz Javeri

Best in India

I have been using this mattress for last 10-12 days. I can see the difference in comfort and sleep between this one and the other mattress in my kids room.

Srinivasan Bhashyam

Feels amazing

Its our 5th day on this sleep company smart gel mattress and it feels amazing. First 2-3 days it did feel different as I believe we were adjusting to this unique layer. But now we are liking it.

Uma Maheshwari

Best in India

Best and most different mattress. we love it.

Kirti Jindal

Cool Mattress

I decided to buy sleep company mattress  when I saw this video of grid mattress allowing for air circulations. Seemed like believable as the open holes would let air circulate vs. memory foam which gets very hot (my old mattress).I got it within 2 days rolled in a blue bag  and sleep cool on it since then. Thank you

Om Prakash
Ganga Nagar

Very good

The mattress is very good. My son, husband and we sleep together happily on it..

Suvarna Gupta

Awesome experience

Love the mattress.


Reena Gupta

Nothing else worked for my back pain

I always had issues of back and shoulder pain and I thought it would be because of sitting in office for long hours. I visited some doctors as well and they told me to change my mattress and try. I did lot of research and was very confused as every brand I saw sold something for back pains and online I could find mainly memory foam orthopaedic mattresses. I was not sure and then I decided to go for sleep company only because it was different from others. I couldn’t be happier – my back pains have reduced and I get much better sleep.

Archana Bhandari

Best for hip pains

I would sleep for more than 8 hours but would still wake up with pain specially in my hips. I came across this new sleep company mattress. They talked about their smart grid for body pains which seemed very different. So my husband and I decided to try the mattress. Believe me we loved it from day 1. Best choice ever for my pains.

Rumi Bhatia

My son love it

I bought this mattress for my 14 year old son and he absolutely loves it! Previously, he had bunk beds that he hated sleeping in and after some research I decided to buy sleep company mattress (my son loved the Teddy). I can’t hardly get him out of his bed! I have tested the mattress out a few times and will be buying one for myself when the time comes to replace my mattress. We love the Sleep Company mattress

Anjali Gupta

Most unique and comfortable mattress

I was amazed how comfortable it was , the first night I awoke on my back which is rare because I’m a side sleeper. This told me that I was so comfortable I didn’t have to turn to my side. I would recommend it to everyone!!.

Vishal Kumar

Not too firm, not too soft

We had been looking for a mattress which is not too hard or soft. After hearing from my Bhabhi I bought this sleep grid mattress and it is just perfect. It is not too firm or soft. I do see as they say on their website that my back stays straight whereas hips go down. I have never slept better and like a baby earlier.

Vidya Murthy

Really an invention much needed

In our house we always slept on either the old time coir mattress or memory mattress in my parents room. We were actually happy and slept fine on the mattress – however when I saw this Gel mattress I could not believe that memory foam was invented before I was born. Oh man, we use everything smart like phones, TV but same old mattresses. SO I thought of trying and I am happy I made the switch. So only Smart mattresses in our house now.

Aparna Aggarwal

No more back pains

I changed my mattress as I had back pain problems and with my new sleep company mattress, I no longer have pains. Sound sleep full night .

Renu Agarwal

Great Bed

it was a great experience shopping from Sleep company mattresses. I explored many options – both offline and online (including Kurl-On, Sleepwell, Peps, Wakefit,  WinknNod, Sunday, Sleep company … and finally landed on Sleep company Mattresses to be my preferred choice.

Meena Kumari

Nice mattress. We both slept well from the first night

We like the mattress. It feels both firm and soft as certain parts. It isn’t hot like memory foam. The zipper cover is the best I have seen – super soft and airy. Both my husband and I are liking it till now.

Namrata Goyal

Just Perfect!

I was very particular about getting the perfect mattress when our 20 year old coir one was flattened out and was giving us body aches! I researched on the net extensively and also went to the showrooms and checked out all the big brands. I finally zeroed in on the Sleep Company mattress. It’s been a fortnight since we are using it and we are sleeping so sound! And no more aches and pains. We simply love it!.

Vimal Narsey

Best at a steal away price

I spent more than 50 k on my earlier mattress that I bought from sleepwell. In the beginning I liked it but over time it started to sink and sag. I always get tempted to try something new and when I saw the ad from the sleep company mattress, I was tempted to try it. I am glad I made the choice and it costed by much lesser than my earlier mattress which I didn’t like.

Nilima Shah

Feel much better on body pains

We were very excited and were waiting for our mattress to come – it came in a very cute blue bag. We were super excited to open and unroll it – I still remember it opening and looking beautiful in the white and grey cover – very soft.  In the beginning it felt different and in few days my body pains started to reduce. I was sleeping much better – I hope it keeps its promise and we continue to love it 😊.

Rajesh Chauhan

No more confusion – most comfortable

I was searching for a Mattress but couldn’t select anywhere because it was confusing. All the mattresses looked same. When i reached the Sleep Company mattress i made decision immediately.

Purnima Goyal

Sleeping very well

I got a memory foam mattress made from a guy whom my mother used to call – paid some 25k. However I hated it – it felt so hot everytime I would sleep on it. I had to change the mattress – we put this in the guest room. Then I bought sleep company – they are the only 1s in India who are talking against memory foam. I paid little more than my earlier mattress but believe me it is worth every penny. I love it – it is perfect for Mumbai climate.

Ashini Shah

Best Mattress for back pains

I bought this mattress because I researched all the top brands that sell orthopedic mattresses. I realised all the big brands have a variant that calls itself Ortho – however I could not see any difference between them – they all seemed like memory foam mattress with 1” /2” foam. It did not convince me and I found The Sleep Company really different. im really happy with this purchase thank you Dr Teddy.

Atike Sehgal

Best Night sleep in 20 years

I can’t wait to go to bed because I had the best night’s sleep last night. My joints feel amazing, it felt like I was on a cloud. I didn’t want to get out of bed and go to office..


Anmol Bansal

Really Cool and Comfy

When I heard about this Gel Mattress, I visited their amazon page. On first look I found it very different – seemed like some serious R&D and thought gone behind the product. Loved Dr. Teddy 😊 and my son keeps on asking to open the website. I visited the website and did more research – the grid structure is very unique. I have been sleeping on this for now 2 weeks and I can never think of going back to my old memory foam mattress which felt hot and now I realize how uncomfortable that was.

Tanu Goyal

Best Mattress that I have tried!

Very comfortable mattress and the best sleep I’ve had in years. Their gel material feels very different and comfortable – you can feel it to be cool and comfy. The online buying experience was refreshing and the service was impeccable. Highly recommend.

Tanya Bansal

Love it – Most Comfortable Mattress

My friend mentioned this new Smart Gel Material – first I could not understand much. But when I read about the company, I was really blown away. I have never seen something like this. I immediately thought of trying the mattress and ordered it. It came rolled in a cool blue back – unbelievable right! And the moment I opened it and started using it, I could see the difference.  It is not like my earlier mattress which started sinking over time. Thanks The Sleep Company.

Poonam Goyal

Its Magical – Thanks to the Sleep Company team

This mattress is completely different from anything in the market. Its surprising how no big brand ever thought of making something this magical in mattresses and kept selling all those same old foam, memory and spring mattresses. From the first week itself I and Raj felt in love with it – we do not keep on waking up at night or toss and turn. Thanks a again. I will any day buy this again.

Keya Bansal