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100 Nights Trial
10 Years Warranty
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100 Nights Trial
10 Years Warranty
Free Shipping
Free Returns

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  • Feel: Medium Soft
  • Smart Grid: 2″
  • Support/Transition Layer: 6” Premium proprietary foam
  • Cover: Super premium 550 GSM soft and stretchable Zipper outer cover; Breathable inner cotton jersey cover
  • Warranty: 10 years

No More memory foam for us now

My husband bought the sleep company mattress because of his back/neck issues – I was hesitant to switch from my memory foam mattress. Well now after sleeping on it, I’ll never go back……

Anju Kashyap

Love it!

Fell in love the first time I saw the Sleep Company mattress. The service was top notch and spot on. Highly recommend this Smart grid bed. Best in India!

Samidha Gupta

Most comfortable and Luxurious mattress

This bed is the best – better than foam or spring. And it looks so premium from the amazing blue packaging to the white cotton cover to the blue grid layer – we love everything about it. Just different.

Puja Chabbra

Wonderful Mattress

The Sleep Company Mattress provides the perfect combination of support and comfort. Customer service during my purchase and delivery was excellent.

Ravi Kumar
sleep heart

No More Pressure, Only Happy & Healthy Sleep!

Pressure Mapping

The Sleep Company Mattress intelligently adapts to human body shape ensuring weight distribution and no more pain points. The patent pending Smart Grid BUCKLES DOWN on smaller body parts like hips and shoulder while stays FIRM at back keeping spine straight. Still don’t believe us – look at the tests done by an independent party. The test reveals how The Sleep Company Mattress does not create any pressure and hence pain points, whereas other traditional mattresses like memory foam, create lot of pressure points creating pain points on mainly shoulder, back and hips (look at the greens and reds)

Smart Grid vs. Memory Foam


The Sleep company Mattress ensures that it even cuddles those tiny delicate eggs under so much of weight. This happens as the columns buckle down and cuddle the eggs just like they cuddle your hips and shoulder irrespective of the weight. So no more tosssing or turning!

Take the challenge and prove us RIGHT!

Relieves Pain Points

Intelligently designed Smart grid is soft at hips and shoulders while being FIRM at back.

Collapses Over Time

The memory foam completely collapses under body weight and pressure and has a similar feel across body parts.

Sleeps Cool

The Smart Gel with grid structure promotes air circulation and hence no sweating at night

Sleeps Hot

Memory foam retains the body heat and hence starts feeling very hot over time.

Promise Not To Break Away

The Smart Grid can be stretched to more than 1000% retaining its original shape. Hence no more sagging or sinking over time

Breaks Down

Memory foam and most other foams even if stretched little bit will break. Test it yourself!

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Long Lasting Luxury just a finger click away..

We are here for the long haul – The Sleep Company Mattresses are designed to ensure you get the most comfortable sleep backed by Science! Our mattresses are shipped directly from factory, hence no middlemen and mark-ups.

So no more paying huge premiums to experience Luxury at the comfort of your home.

60% saving

The Sleep Company Mattress lasts 20 years

Your pay 2-3 times more

Other premium mattresses has warranty of 5-10 years

You pay 3 times more

Smart Phone lasts 2-3 years


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    STEP 1

    Remove all your comfort accessories such as pillows, mattress pad, and sheets from your mattress. Make sure your mattress is bare while taking the measurement
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    STEP 2

    Measure the width and the length of your mattress from one outer edge to the other outer edge.This would be from left side to the right seam for width, and from top head to the bottom foot for length
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    STEP 3

    Make sure the ruler or tape measure flat on the Mattress

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