Sleep With Science

  • Are you feeling hot at night or sweating?
  • Are you waking up with back or body pain?
  • Are you feeling drained of energy even after waking up?
  • Do you toss/turn a lot at night ?

Time to kick Memory, Latex, Spring Mattress out of the door..

Time to kick Memory, Latex, Spring Mattress out of the door..

How our Smart Grid layer helps your sleep better?

  • Posture Support

    Cuddles your shoulders, elbows, hips and ankles while keeping your back firm making it a pain-relieving mattress.

  • Zero Disturbance

    The Smart Grid Layer isolates the motion so that even if your partner could dance the conga, while you’re fast asleep besides them.

  • Heat Resistant

    The open grid structure of the patented smart grid layer promotes air flow, it does not trap your body heat, and does not make you feel hot and stuffy at night.

  • Super Elastic

    The patented smart layer developed by sleep expert after year of research ensures your mattress will not sink, crumble or collapse. Infact it will last you for a good 30 years.

Smart Grid vs. Memory Foam


The Sleep company Mattress ensures that it even cuddles those tiny delicate eggs under so much of weight. This happens as the columns buckle down and cuddle the eggs just like they cuddle your hips and shoulder irrespective of the weight. So no more tosssing or turning! Thanks to the smart grid mattress.

Take the challenge and prove us RIGHT!

Relieves Pain Points

Intelligently designed Smart grid is soft at hips and shoulders while being FIRM at back.

Collapses Over Time

The memory foam completely collapses under body weight and pressure and has a similar feel across body parts.

Sleeps Cool

The Smart Grid with grid structure promotes air circulation and hence no sweating at night

Sleeps Hot

Memory foam retains the body heat and hence starts feeling very hot over time.

Promise Not To Break Away

The Smart Grid can be stretched to more than 1000% retaining its original shape. Hence no more sagging or sinking over time

Breaks Down

Memory foam and most other foams even if stretched little bit will break. Test it yourself!