Smart Grid Seat Cushion
Comfort engineered for every booty.

The most advanced SmartGRID cushion specially designed for your butt! Whether you’re sitting at office, in your car or in the gym, we have got your back, or, in this case, we’ve got your butt!

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Ergonomic design to support your Tushie

The Sleep Company Smart GRID is scientifically designed to provide your butt amazing comfort. It ensures there are no pressure points created and you can sit comfortably for long hours.

Cools with airflow

The open grid design allows airflow, so your butt stays nice and cool. No more feeling sweaty and uncomfortable under your bum.

Long Lasting

The Sleep Company Smart GRID seat cushion will provide anti-fatigue support that never bottoms out, so you stay comfy and productive for hours on end.

Pick your favorite!

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    Office/Car Use

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    Wheel chairs

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    Pregnancy Support

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    Old Age Comfort

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The Comfiest science you can sit on!

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Recommended by Orthopaedists
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Free Shipping in India
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1 Year Warranty