Have you ever wondered what is really inside your mattress? Well here is the answer – the mattresses in India are mainly made of coir, re-bonded foam, memory foam, spring or latex. Lets have a deep look at each one of them

Coir Mattresses: Coir is made from the husk of coconut tree and are very cheap mattresses. The mattresses dominated the Indian households 10 years back when there were no other options. Key issues:

  • Very hard surface and not got for back
  • Not durable
  • Starts coming out of the fabric

Re-bonded Foam: Slowly coir as a material has been replaced majorly by rebonded foam. What is it – it is that colourful hard, thick foam we see at many stores. It is made from all the craps and waste material like old shredded foams, rubber etc. – Yes you heard it right its literally sleeping on CRAP. Key issues

  • Again a hard surface (though cheap) and causes body aches
  • Breaks over time and not durable
  • Made of crap, waste that could be unhygienic and lead to allergies

Memory Foam: This is the new buzz that you hear people talk about. Lets get the facts right – memory foam was invented in 1960 (yes before most of us were born). We see lot of terms in market – memory foam, memory foam with bounce, memory foam with cooling grid – all this is same foam marketed and packaged differently. Key issues

  • It sleeps hot over time
  • Feels good in the star but start sagging and causing back, shoulder pains
  • Breaks over time
  • Made of chemical that emit fumes that can lead to respiratory problems (source: Wikipedia) which could be a concern for small babies and kids

Spring Mattresses: Spring in the mattresses can come in various types – Bonnell spring, Offset coils or continuous coils. Key concern with mattresses made of spring are

  • Very bouncy
  • Starts creating noise over time

New Super Stretchyy Smart Grid: We have moved to smarter products in various aspects of our life – like smart phone, smart TV and even smart homes. However can we believe we still sleep on age old mattresses which have not seen any innovation in the material used – Memory foam was invented in 1960.

The Smart Grid is the biggest innovation in sleep science in last 30 years proven to relieve paints point and provide comfort. The patent pending super stretchy Smart Grid can help prevent back, hip, and shoulder discomfort. This material is organized in a grid formation, which creates walls that can support or fold, depending on how much pressure it receives. This flexibility allows the mattress to aid in better sleep no matter what body shape or sleep position. Try for yourself or Money back – 100 Nights Trial.

  • Posture Support

    Cuddles your shoulders, elbows, hips and ankles while keeping your back firm.

  • Zero Disturbance

    The Smart Gel Layer isolates the motion so that even if your partner could dance the conga, while you’re fast asleep besides them.

  • Heat Resistant

    The open gird structure of the patented smart gel layer promotes air flow, it does not trap your body heat, and does not make you feel hot and stuffy at night.

  • Super Elastic

    The patented smart layer developed by sleep experts after years of reserach ensures your mattress will not sink, crumble or collapse. Infact it will last you for a good 30 years!

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    Thanks for your nice words. Yes we would love to bring a part 2. Let us know if there is a specific questions our sleep experts can answer. Happy & Healthy Sleep!

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