Are you getting enough sleep? Most of us complain of not getting enough sleep, or sleeping enough but still waking up tired or with pains then you must search for mattress for back pain.  The solution is The sleep Company SmartGRID Orthopedic mattress. The Sleep problems have been becoming more and more prevalent in India – this is the result of changing lifestyle and stress in our lives. If your sleeping on wrong mattress results in more and more lower back pain and poor sleep posture.

More than one third of Indian populations complains of back or some kid of body pains. We most of the time accept it thinking it is part of life or has to happen over age. Not true – Have you ever wondered if your current mattress could be the culprit.

Lets see now how a mattress could help in relieving or increasing back pains. Hard mattress (like bonded foam, coir, hard foam) do not take the shape of our body. They put high pressure on different body parts leading to worse back pain. On the other hand, soft mattresses completely surround and make the body sink it – this leads to improper support to the back and hence doesn’t help in straight spine). This again doesn’t help with back pains and on the other hand worsens the pain.

Hence the recommendation is always to use a mattress which is not too Firm or not too SOFT on our body parts. The mattress should take the natural shape of our body which is to cuddle the protruding parts like hips and shoulders while keeping the spine straight.

The Sleep Company Mattress is proven to relieve body pains especially back pains as its Smart grid layer helps keep spine straight while being comfortable on other body parts.

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