Which one is a good Mattress – Hard or Soft?


This is one of the most asked questions from our consumers. Lets see the difference and what is the best mattress for comfort and back pain.

Soft Mattress: These mattresses initially feel comfy and cozy. However the cons of the mattress are

  • Soft mattresses put the spine in a curve position and over time starts creating back problems
  • Soft mattresses get softer over time and start to sag
  • Soft mattresses are more expensive than hard mattresses

Hard Mattress: These mattresses so help with keeping spine straight and little upwards. However the cons of the mattress are

  • They create pressure points on hips and shoulders as they are not able to take shape of the protruding body parts
  • They are more uncomfortable than soft mattresses

Smart Grid Mattress:


This is the biggest disruption is sleep technology. Neither a hard nor a soft mattress – this is perfect for every sleeper type. Lets see how? The Smart Grid has a walls and column structure – the walls of the smart grid buckle down on protruding parts of our body (these are high pressure areas) ensuring comfort,   however the walls withstand pressure on bigger body parts like back to keep the spine straight. So best of both the world – comfort and no pain mattress. So time to put all old type mattresses to the side and try The Sleep Company Smart Grid mattress – first of its kind in Asia.

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